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Hi readers this topic may helpful to those peoples who are common to blue screen of death, system memory full, dump memory full, sudden failure of system without any know reasons. If you are having such problems with your system which is really annoying you just report here. I may update the post tools and tips to the responses



  1. Exactly my problem but just when I plug the HDMI cable into the TV. It was fine before. Win 7 Ultimate NVIDIA 9500 GT latest drivers… Even replaced HDMI cable.

    1. i think whenever you plug the HDMI cable to TV, a blue screen appears right? if so please tell the error code displayed in the blue displays the error like “0x000000e2” etc.. Also disconnect the cable going into monitor while connecting TV with HDMI.

      1. I actually deleted the latest Nvidia drivers, ran a cleaner, rebooted and installed the previous version. This worked fine. But I will see over the next few days. If it happens again I will note the error number and try disconnecting the monitor. Thanks kindly for your help.

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