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Secure Your PC

It is not an easy task to maintain your pc. Coz after a couple of days from fresh installation of  OS you may find some bugs like registry disabled by your administrator, task man missing, missing applications drivers  etc etc etc…So u try to fix it and worst case, by total format. But the happiness dosen’t last long coz after a couple of days the same routine occurs like a vicious circle. this is the same thing happens for the brand new pc you bought otherwise u may add more of your money into some antivirus, spyware etc even though some may not be completely satisfied coz the latest  virus affects again. The point is investing some grants dosen’t always solve the problem but better management can do so. But for linux users the virus problem is not at all a threat.(click the pic to download the contents)

There’s a bunch of tips what must do and what must not

  • Install a sound  antivirus if your fresh PC and dont forget to update it.

eset_nod32 kaspersky

  • Kindly avoid shareware and cracks from unknown suppliers coz it contains Trojans, Worms and Spywares.
  • Disable your autorun
  • If you found any thing wrong go to recovery option in control panel  and recover your system from the list of restore points(strongly recommended)


Use USB disc security & Antispyware

TOOLS (click the pic to download the content)

  • Fix the missing task man(click the pic to download the content)
  • Enables the regedit

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